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Hacked - Tue, Aug 1st, 2017

Well it's all being going on here. We were hacked on the 26th July. Fortunately all the hours of work on the pages altered was safe in a back up. Passwords changed. Big thanks to Nik at Nixin Design, star boy.
NewsCrystals, an introduction PLUS n*e*w*s on how to get your discount - Tue, Nov 22nd, 2011

20% off crystals when you spend £15 discount will be given as a refund once your order is recieved

We shall be looking how and why crystals work, briefly and in more depth, other peoples theories and my own. We will then expand further on one of these theories by doing some group work on chakras. After the break we will relate our work to crystals. We will then look at different ways of cleansing crystal and programming them now you know how to choose them and finally if we have time we will look at the numerological vibration of our name and what crystal can help us achieve our life path and how to fill our gaps.

I will start with a quote form Melodys book love is in the earth, this is quite wordy so I will go slow and anyone having questions please interrupt at any time, “The energies of the universal kingdom are “universal energies”. Hence, when one contacts and is willing to receive this energy, and begins to exercise personal creativity via exercise of the higher will, one can contact and synthesize the energies from which the entire universe is comprised. This is the reason that crystals and other minerals are so very powerful and also why their powers must only be used through the highest consciousness of the individual. The individual universal energies contained within each mineralogical structure is activated and directed by interaction and/or contact with the same. Right intention during use of the mineral further stimulates the melding of ones personal energy with that of the mineral kingdom, furthering propagation of the light, the love, and “the good of all”.from; MELODY's- LOVE IS IN THE EARTH

pictured crystal is quartz with hematite and rutile inclusions

This can be likened to Reiki and other forms of channelled healing energy work where a connection is made between the universal energies and your higher self, this is not to say that only individuals “attuned” can achieve success with universal energies but those of us who are able to connect consciously with our higher selves and feel and experience the individual vibrations and be able to interpret what we must do, do have the ability to become great healers. The goal is open to any one and comes more naturally to some than others but we are all capable of connecting our conscious to our higher self to the universal energies, the first step for most though is connecting our higher self to the universal energies for as humans we often look without before we look within!

The first step is often taken by believing that a crystal works by choosing one or being given guidance (often from books or friends) as to which crystal will do the job. Other reasons why crystals work include, vibrationary frequency, numerological vibration, individual elements within a crystal and other inclusions, catalysts and colour. We shall look at each of these in turn.

Vibrationary frequencyeverything in the whole world has its own vibrational frequency this is due to the atoms within it how they make the elements and in turn how the elements link to make the compound. It is believed that this vibration is one of the qualities that make crystals help us. My personal belief (based on an intuition or feeling)  and one I have also come across in books since developing it as an idea is this – we vibrate at a certain frequency when in a state of well-being, everyone different though, when we experience a state of dis-ease or unwell our vibration changes. Crystals help by re-establishing our well vibration, they do this by finding a crystal that will work on our aura and body within the frequency where we have become unbalanced, and so synchronising our bodies vibration back to a well state. Each crystal vibration works on a different organ/problem and there are often many crystals that a book will state as helping not all of the ones stated will necessarily help as only one or combination of stones will have the correct frequency to rebalance.

Numerological vibration this is detailed in Melodys love is in the earth book and works on a similar principle to that just detailed however the important difference is that each vibration is worked out using a numerological system to give it a numerical vibration from 1-9 and some also have master numbers where the calculation has led to a double number e.g 33 this is also recorded before taking it down to 6. Each persons name can be represented in numbers however these are not reduced down. All numbers not present in the name “indicate those experiences which are needed during this lifetime to assist the spirit, and the physical manifestation of the spirit, in the experiences necessary to facilitate the completion of the cycle of successive re-birth. “  The numbers that are included will support the actualisation of that which is required during this lifetime. We will have a go at this after the break.

Individual elements, minerals and other inclusionsthis simply works on the principle of the healing properties of the components of a crystals health benefits, for example if a crystal contains iron it will help the body with problems related to iron deficiency or with grounding as iron is such a heavy metal.

Catalysts this is where a crystal helps make a change for us for example making us more confident however if we are not ready for the change it can deplete our energy this is detailed in Mary Ann brennans hands of light.

Colour This is directly linked to the charkas. Each crystal has a chakra it is associated with and each chakra has parts of the body and states of being it is associated with pair them up to gain the effects

It is my belief that this mixture of the ways crystals work is what makes them work and not just one alone, there also maybe more I have not read or experienced


Spells - A How To and Why - Wed, Jul 20th, 2011


What is a spell?


The word spell is derived from the same place as our word for spelling, i.e. to make words with the alphabet. Magic itself is made in the mind, however this magic needs to be manifested. We achieve this by spelling out our intention and hence bringing the spell into the manifest world. It can be helpful to think of the sequence in elemental terms.

Air-we have the idea for the spell,

Fire-we raise the energy to create the spell,

Water-emotional belief in the spell,

Spirit-we may invoke the energy of a deity for extra power,

Earth-the spell is manifest.

There are many ways to make spells and tools or components we can use to manifest our spell. They are not all necessary at the same time, we choose which one to use at the time of making the spell.  I will give examples of these in a moment. There are two things which must be present, a circle for protection and sacredness, and also intent and focus. We cannot expect spells to work if approached in a half hearted way. We use our minds to focus on the intent by using the tools and components and in turn the whole spell manifests. It is customary to perform creative magic when the moon is waxing or ideally when full, as the energy is growing or at its height. If we want to make magic to help rid us of someone or something we will use the diminishing energy of the moon in its waning phase


Types of spells


Rhymes and chants- These are often quite simple so that we can remember the words easily. This means more of our mind is free to focus our intent. They could be the sole component of the spell however they are often used in conjunction with other components to make it more powerful


Candle- the candle will be purified in incense, our intent and energy can be put into a candle spell. We may magnetize it with corresponding oils appropriate to the spell to be cast. This works in two ways, first the oil has a correspondence and in the collective consciousness will have been used for this type of purpose for 1000`s of years. Secondly by magnetizing the candle we are creating a magnetic connection between our etheric body and the candle. Other correspondences that may be used are picking a specific appropriate colour for the candle. Solid Colour candles are traditionally used above white core with an over colour. The main reason being that you know in your mind that it is all that colour which helps keep your mind totally focused on the spell. Inscribing a name or ancient symbols that have relevance to the spell will also aid the spell work. The candle should be allowed to burn out without blowing it out.


Cord- As like candle spells, the cords are purified and magnetized with an oil. Specific colour cords are chosen.  The intent of the spell is stated and a rhyme is often chanted whilst the cord is knotted to bring the spell to full manifestation. The cord is knotted any number of times 3, 7, 9, 13, although always odd numbers, as it is supposed that the gods prefer odd numbers!


Poppits- efergies made out of material stuffed with appropriate herbs and oils, maybe even a lock of hair (by permission)


Charm bags- bags filled with appropriate crystals which will have been cleansed and programmed, herbs, oils and a personal item


Invocation- invoking the energy and power of elements, deities, planets, angels etc.

Energy- willing our own energy to go out and help our cause



We need to be very clear about our intention. Think of what we want to achieve and put it into words. Think, could these words have alternative meanings and our spell work in a way we do not expect or want it to do, maybe reformulate the words of intent? Always remember the three fold lore- whatever you do will come back times 3. Also remember to harm non, do what thou wilt, in essence only work magic for good with good intentions.

taken from a spell workshop given by Anwen to the Pagan Pathways group and Pagan Federation NE conference 2008 

NewsSmudging - A Guide for How to and Why? - Wed, Jul 6th, 2011

Smudging in Practice

The Traditional Use of Aroma to Cleanse and Heal

The traditional and ancient art of smudging has many variations. The principle however is the same for them all. A potent aromatic herb, oil or spice is burned and allowed to smoulder which releases smoke. It is this smoke which is said to contain the spiritual properties for which the incense is being used.

Burning Bundles of Dried Herbs on Fires or Hot Coals Provided an Abundance of Scented Smoke

Often herbs are dried and tied in bundles called smudge sticks or braids. Other cultures would simply take a branch of an herb plant and place it within the flames or a fire. Often hot coals were removed from cooking fires and used ceremonially with the addition of magical herbs. Smudging occurs in many religious ceremonies and has been established in many cultures worldwide.

Many Different Scents Can Affect Your State of Mind in Several Ways

Surrounding yourself with a calming and heady aroma from smudge can assist in a meditative state. Using the sensation of smell a pure point of thought can be established which can be a catalyst for opening up your consciousness.  Again specific herbs contain particular scents that are more able to assist with various types of mood alteration and thought provocation.

The Aroma Contains Spiritual Energy

The herbs which are burned are allowed to release their aroma which contains spiritual energy. This scent of the smoke invigorates the mind and has defined effects depending on which herbs and oils are present within the smoke. By wafting a smudge stick around the general area of a client or a room the smoke is thought to purify the energy of that area. Especially the aroma of smouldering Sage and Cedar are thought to do this. The method of wafting the smoke in order to clean and purify energies is often called smudging or washing.

Ritual and Informal Use

Many people who use smudge will have a ritual they like to follow when practising this tradition. It can be very personal as to how someone will use these things but it is generally accepted that you can charge your intentions into the herbs by holding them and willing your plans into them before lighting. You may wish to repeat a mantra as you waft the smoke around, or envision the effects of your work on the energy levels, cleansing, shifting, re-aligning.

Empowering Your Smudge

When you take your smudge home and prepare it for use, it is usually empowered or charged by the user. To do this you should hold it and put your thoughts into it that you wish it to fulfil a purpose. Tell it what you intend for it to do. This can be as simple as saying it out loud, or in your head, it can be a simple sentence or perhaps a mantra or prayer. When you choose to light it and allow the smoke to waft around your space keep in mind the intent for the aroma. As you smell it, as you see it reach up to the outermost spaces of your room or area continue to know what its purpose is.

NewsIncense in Ritual and Formal Use - Wed, Jul 6th, 2011

Incense for Ritual and Formal Use

The Many Forms of Incense

There are many natural products which can be used in the creation of incense. Plants and trees are a major source. Resins, fruits, flowers, seeds, leaves, fragrant bark, wood and roots are all used. These are probably the oldest form of incense. When available, essential oils are a very potent ingredient which gives the incense a powerful aroma.

Incense in Traditional Practise

Incense can be found in many varieties and shapes. The visual representation of prayer can be found in the smoke as it rises. Also plants are said to have a spiritual vibration which can be used to assist our own. The aroma of smouldering incense elevates the mood. It promotes calm and tranquillity. Each unique scent has abilities different to the others however and it is good to choose one that suits your own needs. Some are able to stimulate the thoughts while others subdue them.

Incense is spiritually empowering

Certain aromas can affect us because of what they mean to us personally. They can conjure up nostalgic emotions and memories or remind us of a person or experience. Sometimes a smell can have negative connotations attached to it perhaps if it reminds you of something you would rather forget. These very personal mental landscapes brought about by aroma can be used as a spiritual platform from which you can heal or meditate.

Vibrational Qualities of Plants

Each living thing has a unique vibration of spirit which can resonate with the other things around it. Like a magical dance all things affect each other with their personal frequency of life. When something is not vibrating to their full potential, such as you or I then the natural frequencies of plants can be used to help. By burning Incense we can help bring our spiritual vibrations to their full potential which assists in emotional healing and well being.

Many Different Scents Can Affect Your State of Mind in Several Ways

Surrounding yourself with an aroma from burning incense can assist in a meditative state. Using the sensation of smell, a pure point of thought can be established which can be a catalyst for opening up your consciousness.  Specific scents contain particular aromas that are more able to assist with various types of mood alteration and thought provocation. There are dreamy types such as lavender and then heady deepening aromas such as patchouli.

Empowering Your Incense

When you take your smudge home and prepare it for use, it is usually empowered or charged by the user. To do this you should hold it and put your thoughts into it that you wish it to fulfil a purpose. Tell it what you intend for it to do. This can be as simple as saying it out loud, or in your head, it can be a simple sentence or perhaps a mantra or prayer. When you choose to light it and allow the smoke to waft around your space keep in mind the intent for the aroma. As you smell it, as you see it reach up to the outmost spaces of your room or area continue to know what its purpose is. 

Litha Celebrations - Wed, Jun 15th, 2016

This Saturday, 18th. June, the Goddess Temple will be holding a ceremony to celebrate Litha - the Summer Solstice.

The ceremony will be held at 12 noon and repeated at 1pm.

There will also be a workshop which will focus on the this special season.#

Food wil be available from the cafe:-

Soup and Focaccia or Ciabatta,

Greek Salad, Cheese Pasty and Salad,

Mediterranean Pasty and Salad,


Toasted teacake

 All  the usual teas and coffees. All available from the coffee shop.

If you wish to attend please telephone in advance as space is limited. For more information, call

0114 249 2090.

Lammas Celebration - Wed, Jun 15th, 2016

The Goddess Temple will be holding a ceremony to celebrate Lammas. This will be held on 7th. August at 12 noon and again at 1pm.

A seasonal workshop will be open to all who wish to attend.

There will be food available from the cafe:-

Mediterranean or Cheese pasty and Salad

Soup with Focaccia or Ciabatta

Greek Salad


Toasted Teacake

All the usual teas and coffees.

If you wish to attend, please call

0114 249 2090.

JANE MEREDITH coming to Sheffield - Mon, Jun 24th, 2013

It's that time of year when Jane Meredith, priestess of the Goddess and author, visits Sheffield from Australia to run another exciting weekend workshop! In previous years she has taken groups through a powerful process by working with the descent  myth of Persephone, in 'Tasting the Pomegranate' last year in 'Aphrodite's Magic' we worked with the lover in ourselves, this year she is presenting her work with the norse goddess Freya.


Janes workshops are always profound, beautiful and growth-full processes.  If you are interested to find out more, she will be presenting a  taster of what is to come, in Airy Fairy in Sheffield on July 11th 7.30-10pm. The cost of the evenings talk is only £5 which will be refunded if you decide to do the weekend. The evening talk is open to both men and women, but sadly the weekend is for women only.


The weekend workshop 'Freya's Necklace' costs £120.00 and  will be run from Sheffield Performance Space 1-5 on Saturday, moving to the Still point practice for the evening 7-10pm . We will be resuming Sunday 10-5pm in the performance space. If you would like more information either about the talk or the workshop ring Ali Harrison on 2552769.


You can book for the workshop by sending a cheque for the full cost to Ali Harrison 14 Swaledale Road, Sheffield. S72BY.


New Tarot Decks - Wed, Apr 20th, 2016

We now have a new range of Tarot decks in stock. These are now on display in the front of the shop. Please feel free to come and discover which of them is right for you.

NewsNew Menu at the Airy Fairy Cafe - Wed, Jun 8th, 2016

Anwen has updated the cafe menu.

All your favourites are still available but some prices have had to increase to reflect the higher costs of the ingredients. We hope you continue to enjoy the home made cakes as much as we do.

NewsThe Goddess Temple - Wed, Mar 9th, 2016

The Goddess Temple is Open for Visitors, Now open 12:30 - 1:30 pm

Between 12:30 and 1:30 pm the goddess temple (upstairs at Airy Fairy) is formally open and a Temple Volunteer will be holding the space for quiet contemplation.

The goddess Temple is a place for Women and Men to experience the Divine Feminine and to honour Mother Earth. It is a place for quiet reflection where you can recharge yourself in beautiful surroundings. A place where you bring your curiosity and your dreams.

There is no need to believe anything in particular to use the Temple, just come with an open heart and allow only what is true for you to speak to you and guide you.

Our Goddess worship is not dogmatic, we all pursue the Divine ass a direct and personal experience. We respect all forms of spirituality and hope that, whatever form it takes for you, you can be with that in this space.

Feel free to come up and take some time to enjoy this sacred space.

NewsSpring Equinox Day - Wed, Mar 9th, 2016

     Sh effield Goddess Temple @ Airy Fairy

Spring Equinox Day

Celebrating Eostra

19th March 2016

Ceremonies at 12 noon and 1:15 pm

Booking is required. Please call 0114 249 2090 or speak to us at the till.

Workshop 2:30 pm

Al Fresco at Airy Fairy - Wed, May 18th, 2016

Airy Fairy welcomes you to our beautiful cafe garden which is now open for the summer. Bask in the sun when it appears and recharge with one of Granny Burrows' cakes.
NewsNew Greetings Cards (available online and instore) - Wed, May 18th, 2016

Something different is headed to the Airy Fairy web shop. Over the coming weeks we will be replacing our collection of Bug Art cards with a range of exciting designs from the talented Gwen Davis.
NewsNew Artists - Wed, May 18th, 2016

If you are looking for something truly unique, call into the shop where we introduce a new artist every week. We also have monthly exhibitions by local artists in the cafe.
Temple News - Wed, May 18th, 2016

The Goddess Temple is excited to announce that, from September, we will be holding an adult introduction to paganism, Goddess Spirituality and magic.

Alongside this we will be hosting a junior paganism playgroup for children from 5 to 12 years old.

Out To Lunch - Wed, May 4th, 2016

On 3rd May 2016, Airy Fairy celebrated 17 years in business. As an anniversary treat for all our customers, we have produced our very own currency, the "Out to Lunch".

Each note has a face value of 1 Lunch and can be traded for an item of food from the Airy Fairy menu. You can also trade them with people who want to eat here.

What you trade them for is up to you.

These notes will be given out with every purchase from Airy Fairy.